I want to be that woman
that loud talker, piss and vinegar woman
the one who feels what I feel
but she doesn’t care what you think about it
she’s not afraid to speak her mind
wouldn’t dream of dumbing herself down
just so you could understand
she doesn’t make apologies for her beliefs
doesn’t hide when the poll takers come around
she doesn’t give a lick for the popular opinion
the status quo or the moral majority
she believes in her heart what she believes
her soul tells her yes or no, right or left
and she doesn’t feel the need to explain it

I want to be that woman
she wears her body like she finds no fault in it
she doesn’t hike up her boobs
doesn’t suck in her gut
bind her hips, purse her lips, no
she struts the pounds that are ten, even twenty beyond
the recommended average for her age and height
she throws a hip into the “well nows” and the “I nevers”
she loves her body like it is some divine gift
like it’s some holy temple given to her to play with
live in and adorn while engaging in this physical game
I want to be that woman
who is so comfortable in her skin
that she doesn’t consider you
when she covers it
only the chill in the wind

I want to run free, dance wild and yell
as if I don’t care who’s watching, listening
or reporting to my ex
I want to be the woman who gets lost
in the rhythm of life
really lost like children get lost
like the “challenged” folk get lost
lost in that happy place
that only the truly in touch can touch
I want to sway there, want to play there
I want to be the woman who dances like
everyone is watching but doesn’t care

I want to stop wondering what she thinks
and he thinks
and those strangers I’ll never even meet
and the imagined people who I visualized
and the real ones that are never satisfied
and these who are documented and classified
as not approving of me

I want to be that woman who no longer gives a fuck
but sucks the life from this existence
like it’s the only meal she’ll ever eat
and dance this dance
like it’s the only drum circle that will every beat
and embrace her sisters
as if they are reflections of her own celebration of this incarnation

I want to be

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