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(I get a little fired up ๐Ÿ™‚ย  You may want to turn your volume down.)

Is it easier on those
that don’t question
live simply because they are alive
chasing days and dollars
climbing ladders
backs stacked with
yesterday’s luggage
and in the end
with a lifetime of cases in tidy rows
offspring’s offspring
dangling from their own tree
houses in graduating sizes
and albums of pictures proving
that they lived

to not spend hours staring
at ones own toes
wondering the necessity of physicality
with its biological intricacy
when I know the real deal is living
well beyond this earthbound body
and if I were to slap a label on it
I would call it soul

to not waste days unravelling
the intricate weavings
of our various realities
years spent watching relationships
shuttle across the warp of others
watching them battened by time

if you don’t get me started on God
thinking about Gaia and goddesses
deities, the Universe and the religious devices
that glue each to their own single-mindedly
each declaring theirs the only
leaving me wondering which or all
are mine

to not give thought to time
it makes me dizzy when dimensions
sail past two to six
entering spaces my brain cannot place
yet knows exists
as it grapples with particles and strings
keys to things I wish I had an understanding
but feels a path on this expanding grid that belongs to me
even glimpses it in meditative times
just at the corner of my eye
but never long enough can I quiet my inquiry
and find my mind once again pondering
what the blissful people
just live

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