I’ve never been the leader always the go-along-er
never the instigator always the under taker
and friends are caught off guard as my answer is
most always, yes
I only need a nudge and I’ll navy dive
into what ever life is serving Prato do Dia

take these, jump off this, taste this thing
yes, yes mmmm yes
kiss this stranger
errr, no thanks
sip this, touch that, this might sting
yes, yes, yes it does

air ballooning, scuba diving? so fun
lamb fries, sweet breads, urchin? yum, yum, not so much
quads, horses, camels? yes, yes, long time ago
Mexico, England, Italy? si

for as much as I’v done, tasted and seen
there is that thing
the one that calls me
offer me this and I will squirm
with an inability
to refuse you
that thing I’ve yet to do