I am light, love, learning
standing proud with a brilliant smile
that glows from an effervescent core
everywhere I see metaphors growing
tufted seeds of love rise on unseen winds
gratitude falls from every lesson like shafts from wheat
life meanders like a garden path before me

so I am not prepared when the two by four sweeps my feet
limbs remember how and rearrange to break the fall
mind races to venom then retreats to calm
with dusted elbows and a weak smile stand again
show you my palms trying not to flinch
I smell the pine before the wood makes contact with my temple

my sparkles fly falling dull gray to the ground
the smell of earth inside my nose is familiar
as is the sting of old wounds broken open
the dank earth welcomes me home
seeds are seeds and loosed husks are just decay
and I am bad, evil, despicable

gently you wipe the blood from my cheek
“I still love you.”