a distant rumble
softer than thunder
can you hear it

the birds re-alight
to a safer vantage
but not me

firm footed enjoying
the reverberation of anticipation
can you feel it

searching the distance
for invisible tracks
so I might gauge its speed

its fuel my thoughts
capoeira to keep
a smile in mind

my ticket in an ancient script
perhaps says eminent
can you read it


~ O.K. for the sake of Charles Miller’s prompt over at dVerse I am going to explain the above poem even though it goes against my sworn code as a masquerader and scaredy cat.  I don’t like to explain and definitely do not like to defend my spirituality, but that is what this poem is about.

The first stanza is sensing my manifestations (destiny) approaching and wondering if I’m alone in being able to sense things like this.  I envision it like a train.  The second stanza is me recognizing I feel strong in my conviction and my beliefs today.  I am ready to take on what the Universe is sending me.   The third stanza is the love of anticipation.  I love the feeling of it my chest… I literally feel it.  Also, I’m always looking for a new guru, a like but brighter mind or more evolved soul.  The fourth is me wanting it faster but trying not to be too anxious.  Wishing I was a seer. The fifth stanza is realizing that manifestations are driven by thoughts.  Positive focussed thoughts producing the quickest results.  It is like a fight in the brain.  But a fight is resistance where it should be yielding, so it must be more of a dance with the strength of fight moves… a capoeira.  In the last stanza the ticket reinforces the train idea.  It’s in an ancient script because I believe we chart our lives before we choose to incarnate.  I can’t read it because I’m not enlightened enough.  But I’m always looking for those who can.  There you go.