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she drew a line
where there was no sand
I smiled an excuse for her
she blew sparks into my hair
I danced as if the wind put them there

she stamped her feet
spit acid upon my lips
I swallowed the poison and began to sing
bathed her in a milky lullaby
decorated her creases with butterflies
dropped daisies into her steaming vents

and she grew still
then shrugged
actually said, “have a nice day”
turned and walked away

toe-teatered bodily sideways
slumped replaying the day
an endless loop berating
had I, if, could, should pecking

on the second day
turning rancid golden notes unsung
curdled spew
twitch and shiver
as a betrayed soul tried to shed its limbs

in the hollow of the third day
there came a voice weak and deep
and I remembered

tapping gently at first
mumbling the magic words
then rapping across my bones
I called it up from the earth

like a red beam entering through my feet
it filled me as it must
spoke thrice the incantation
first for calm, second to feel light
the third was just to laugh

laugh and forgive the silly bitch
and laugh for I’m left wondering
could I be a witch


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