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she skipped light through the forest
a basket of delights on her arm
birds eyed her, she tossed them crumbs
a shy doe followed, she left a biscuit upon a rock
a brazen raccoon came
ate date cake from her hand
she wandered eyes smiling, seeking friends
with whom to share her bounty

a coal-black wolf stepped into her path
he was glossy and beautiful
reaching into her picnic pulling out pork
still clinging to the bone aromatic
offered it readily

the animal looked at the sweet girl
the pulse of life in the hollow at the base of her throat
cherry tint in her round cheeks
golden curls that framed her doll-like face
and those eyes
open wide eyes, angelic and loving
then he looked to the ham offered without reservation
she could teach him something of grace
something of charity

he leapt landing open-mouthed on her chest
ripped the warm beating heart from between her ribs
and swallowed it whole
licked the smile clean off her face
today he was the teacher
turned his muzzle north and left
dead the bleeding babe in the woods

Inspired by the realism and the loss of fairy tales over at dVerse’s Pretzels and Bullfights. I have linked this up for OLN.  Come play with words with us.