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she is pristine
gliding tranquil in white
like a girl playing ballerina
silky skirts sweeping
wickedness aside like fallen needles
her smile melting
the evil thoughts
her ivory skin induces
healing sparkles flash
in unknowing eyes

wild and black
she leaps from the dark
claws curling deep
into yielding ice
her velvet pelt
glistens sinewy and foreboding
her tail twitches dangerously inviting
a snarl brilliant and sharp
emits a low seductive growl

eager to taste the heat
swimming below the snow
of this wintry girl
she jumps
amber eyes upon her white neck
caught like a teddy in the arms of child
ineffectively rolling to the ground
night, day, night, day
a dance of moon and starless sky
years they battle talon and knife

long after the champions of nature
and the lovers of the dance
grow weary and go home
with a victorious slice she
finally cuts the gut of her foe
climbing inside the warmth of her
she wears her like a second skin
parading across the snow daring
anyone to guess the real she

I know of what I speak
for it is me

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