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I sip coffee in the lazy morning
typing ellipses with bare toes on linoleum
Celadon satin gently brushes
my undisciplined mind
wanders cracking open the door
quietly they creep
sticking to the shadows
seeking my bare ankles
goosebumps sound the alarm
I jump like a caught school girl
tighten my robe and grab my broom
quickly sweep them to the cold recesses

we toast wine always looking in the eye
no one wants that kind of bad luck
compare shoes, black strappy and studded
versus soft thigh high boots
sexy but who brought the single red pump
lace panty party favors opened with oohs
modeled with aahs of encouragement
we’re all girls here, except for you
and you weren’t actually invited
where ever women gather in lingerie
trying on dresses and curve hugging jeans
you materialize an apparition just over my shoulder

your comparison mocks me
as the dark, highlights its offerings
awkward boys with weak opening lines
even when left to breathe finishing poorly
handy guys who forget they wear rings
practice extracting cookies from the forbidden jar
only to have their fingers hammered down upon
then tenderly kissed and swatted on their way
I recline in my chair surveying the scene
like Artemis finding the prey
unworthy of her quiver

alone like the end of all days stretched
face down swimming
into the delicious ink sea of sleep
I dip my feet into the cool corners of the bed
seeking release from the heat of the night
immediately they slither encircling my ankles
my mind half-submerged searches for the reason
to fight
it would be so easy to be taken over
so delicious to be overtaken
like slipping into a black silk chemise

a whisper as soft as a moth wing cuts my tethers
you are worthy of so much more
than a phantom paramour


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