for the same reason you grasp – me
I long to float bobbing on the swells
trying to catch glimpses of beyond
before dipping back blind into the trough

you cling to me like a buoy
not trusting your arms in the open sea

this same reason makes me desperate
to explore and you to implore that I stay
makes me cringe at my cowardice
and you smile at my courage

guilts me into standing beside
not diving

to see if set suns light the mysterious depths
to see if the strange creatures of the deep
turn to angelic nymphs when no top-lander eyes are there to judge
if mermen can hypnotize with their shimmering tails
and if whales can best sing Hallelujah

you will bind me with your fears to the safety of this dock
and I will never know the secrets of the see
but hidden beside my heart a knife
hold my breath so I don’t cut you too
as I escape

because the thing
is life is short