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glowing warmth of my home behind me
children long since kissed and tucked
dear, real friends gathered sharing glasses of giggles

wrapped under my toes rough cement
this cold curb on the corner of my life
clinging as I peer left and right

in the moment is where I know I should be
with the men who circle the block and the one
parked in my driveway, yes but

can you hear it, growing louder
the hum of its engine revving
ready to round the corner full throttle

its power reverberates in my chest
humble taxi or mysterious limo
I can not tell, nor care

yes my dears, I’m listening
just looking for my gloves
while slicing up some bread

more wine you say?
I’ll fetch some
with one eye on the road

without me they’ll have to fend
my life just pulled up
by all means, I’m climbing in

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