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I kneel here trying to cradle it
the water beating upon my nakedness
tendrils of wet hair hang like bars
in front of my eyes

I blink to see the small pool
a mere spoonful of ink in my palm
the last bit of you I struggle to hold
to remember, to feel

its wickedness and how it awoke
that icy place inside that
the sparkling showers of my everyday
endeavor now to wash away

the ache had finally subsided
the spell finally broken
but I looked a moon back
opened the book and mouthed your words

a magic incantation
to this inner beast revived
its sweat a sticky elixir bubbled up
weeping from my skin once again

trails of delicious dark
cresting over collar bones
meander down by breasts
fall into rivulets running along my thighs

I watch it sadly, go
oblivious to me, down the drain
desperate to capture in my hands
what was never mine to have