she tended her garden contentedly
there were flowers to feed and brambles to thin
and uninvited weeds she couldn’t bring herself to pull

on dewy mornings snails dotted the paths
she tossed them over the wall
then cringed at the crackling

some days brought special treats like
the ember-ed wings of monarchs
or freckled red shells of the lucky bugs

upon these she would gaze and ponder
perhaps a hazy metaphor would alight
and then coax its likeness from her pen

one morning between the tilled furrows
of a hundred yesterdays and
one tomorrow came a visitor

he was unremarkable in color
neither homely nor handsome
and yet grand upon his perch

head cocked intently he watched her
gathering fallen blossoms in her skirt
whispering encouragement to buds

she was kind and fair but he saw more
he opened his golden throat
and sang to her

drawn like the butterflies to honeysuckle
she came and sat beneath the tree
and there till the sun set she did not move

like a dream that drifts like fog
the music disappeared with the bird
leaving her blinking at the bare limb

with a hunger to hear him again
she rose early and picked a millet stem
and placed it near the tree

he came and again sang her into a stupor
when the sun faded so did his voice
and she was left to wonder

she harvested sunflower seeds
all week he ate and sang
all night she madly wrote

a platform atop a pole she built
piled with sweet dried corn
a ring of silver bells bedded below

upon this altar daily shared his voice
while she sat eyes glazed swaying
inventing images and phrases

there came a day with no song
no familiar form silhouetted the blue
she blamed the weather and her tasteless seed

tins of sunflower, millet and corn
piled up like calendar days upon
her garden bench

a season past her, curled up
in her window seat
surveying the gray sky

forgotten friends heavy headed
abandoned faded and fell
feast to unabated pests

blankly staring still, perhaps the climate
she sits tapping her ink stained finger to her lip
rocking to the echo of her seducer’s song


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