the boy, master of his back yard
dominated the grand oak
climbed to the top with confidence

he spied a familiar prize tucked beneath a leaf
to most unseen but he had a gift for this
gently plucked the chrysalis from its tether

carried it to a picnic table and poked it
it twitched, he smiled
patiently began the process

pierced the shell and watched
a tentative antennae unfurl
tasting new air

skillful strokes calmed and encouraged
while tender and determined fingers peeled
every shred of safety away

a folded beauty with rainbow promise
tried to stand on shaky legs
quivered bodily under his scrutinizing gaze

unsatisfied, resolute hands stretched
her bejeweled wings wide
examined every color and contour

then left her dazed upon the pale planks
un-camouflaged and naked
not yet ready to fly