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with a knowing nod
of course you’re done
you want to be cherished
you want to be someone’s princess

I nearly spit my beer
for god sakes no I don’t!
let me be a forest sprite
sleeping in the branches

give me a man who is
an oak
both deep and solid
who will let me climb

share his sky with me
show me his colors
fully festooned and
then laid grey bare

a man ancient as the
soil, his ancestry
as fresh and learning
as a green acorn, his child

a man as strong as a timber
as learned as the crags
of his bark
as varied as his rings

I want alive and
reaching for the sky
I want digging deep
unafraid of dirt

give me the wisdom of the earth
the hope to reach the clouds
a man at home in the woods
sad in the static cement

who will embrace me with strong limbs
hide me from the storms
whisper to me the stories
in his soulful leaves

give me not a gentle prince
with a pedestal for me made
instead hard and land-fast ever growing
with a seat for me in the crook of his bough

if you must match make
let him be a tree