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I never should have read you
I wish I hadn’t read you
it did not say Pandora on it
I never should have opened it
I wish I hadn’t opened it

but I did and your words scrambled
up my bare legs and made me shiver
they wrapped like a band beneath my breasts
forcing the air from me
then crawled in my ears
and painted pictures in my brain

now I struggle to be free of them
brush the clinging things from my thighs
extract them from my mind
stuff them back in the box
shove them back in the box

I close the top with shaking hands
and sit my bottom upon the lid
they are not happy to be contained
now and then I bounce as they attempt to escape
but I prevail and my perch grows still
victoriously I cross my legs and wag my foot
it is then I notice
the chain of words locked about my ankle