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a riverbed in drought
dry to the point of cracking
the sensation of thirst long since past
just existing, not even waiting
healing, exciting, and soothing
live in old memories of water
their time now dead

darkness came to play
a welcome cloud
drifting casting shadows
toying with the parched soil
choosing its target
sprinkling lightly
polka dotting the pale terrain
thirsty ground made it disappear
the cloud moved on

but the river bed had found her thirst
over and over she recollected the feel
and wondered of weather
why is the sun so strong
why the clouds so few
how does one dance in the rain
if there is none?

the cloud returned less tentative
poured over her
filled her to cresting
to be moist, delicious
but wary
she watched her banks
too much
would she flood
the cloud no longer a cure
but her demise?

in response to the fear
she dropped her shoulders
let the water frolic in her eddies
birthed new rivulets beyond her
current experience
drowned herself in her love

of being wet